Wednesday, March 4, 2015


I can feel it! The birds are singing their songs. The sun sets later than the day before. Spring is coming!! We still have a couple feet of snow and the temperature this morning was a heat wave at 23 degrees but it is coming! I find myself daydreaming of all the things I want to do as this new season is ushered in. Beautiful flowers, warmer temps, bike rides, hiking in new places, playing outside with my kids are just just some of the thoughts that fill my mind. What are some things your looking forward to? Part of living intentionally is being present so,if we are going to enjoy the present what are some things we can do to celebrate each day in this season? Also, as we say goodby to winter what things are left on your list to accomplish? For me there is a luge an hour north of where we live and I think it has my name on it!! I will take pictures and share them when I go!

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